We're Planted, These Roots Will Remain

by Remise

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Christian Arsenault
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Christian Arsenault This is my favourite Remise release. I highly suggest paying for it because the download comes with a bonus track. Favorite track: Salvatore.
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released October 16, 2012



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Remise Moncton, New Brunswick

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Track Name: Forrest
And I'll die a lone Like I never thought I would
But I always knew i would
And it's funny how it looks different When you see it in real lifeFor months I've broken bonesAnd you stand there like it's nothingYou left me standing in the cold.You left me standing all alone
The scars we openedThey don't hurt as muchBut they take so much longer to healI couldn't tell you what's worse.We'll always be reminded when we lookI can't forgive, I can't forgetForgive me/forget me.
Track Name: Roots
Fall came
And we left.
Just like the summer It never stays.
Forget yourself, get lost in what's up aheadIt broke me, I'll never be the same, never again.We kept the secrets with our Hands, buried deep in our pockets It was your words that kept me hereBut it was your voice that led me astrayIm tired of writing ,I'm sick of signing the same songs.All I am is a broken voice screaming out into nothing . My words shatter as they hit the silence. When it's over nothing's changed and I'm still the same.I lay awake and wait for things to change.My chest caves in and I'll pretend I'm fine.
Track Name: Trebuchet
Ive been drowning in my own thoughts for far to long
Take what I have and throw it a way
Cause my head can't take the way this goes.
I've seen stories crumble
I've made buildings fall
They used to stand so tall
I've seen to much to let it go like this.
This is who I am
This is all I've got
I'll hold on tight to
What I've got
I'll die thinking about this.
I'll die with it on my mind.
Track Name: Remain
And when these homes and anchors, become clicheWe'll think back to those glory daysBack to the days, back to the rootsWe're planted (here), these roots will always remain It's the ambition that will never change
Track Name: Salvatore
I thought we had it all,
It thought we had it all figured out.
I thought, I thought,
But now I think that I thought wrong.

As I turn to choke on my words.
You walk out the door.
On something we never had.
How Can i still Be shocked
When i hear the samething
Over and Over again